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[27 May 2004|10:35am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm back in Diagon for a bit. I've been quite busy in Muggle London. Apparently a Daily Mirror reporter saw several people flying on brooms and she reported it. We had to not only do a memory charm on her, but also had to make sure her column was erased. There were other muggles that read the column, believed it and were spreading word of the incident. They had even saved the paper so they could tell their friends who were not convinced there were people flying on brooms. I wish there were more muggles who just believed that what they see they are either confusing with shows on the telly or dreams. It sure would make my job a lot easier.

I'm going to call my American counterpart, a Californian, to see if they are having a lot of "repair and restoration" issues as well.

Errrr..ok, I guess that's enough from this dude.

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::Floo Call to Bella:: [31 Oct 2003|07:59am]
[ mood | hopeful ]


Hey, are you around?

*grins widely as she walks forward toward the fireplace*

There you are! Listen... umm... I was wondering if you were going to D's party tonight, and... well, if so, would you want to go with me maybe? *blush*

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Outside the LC [02 Oct 2003|12:45pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Alright, so Tom seems to think that I might get on well with Bella. Hmm.. Yeah, maybe. That'd be cool! Was thinking of dropping by the LC to see her. He says she's working there now, but... you know I don't want to look an arse and just kinda sit there ... like a lump in the corner. She might think I'm some skeev pervin' on her or something. I mean, I think she'd remember me from school, but >.< she still might think I'm a skeevy perv! Okay, so I gotta play it really cool like. Can't act like I'm there just to bump into her. Damn... I should have asked Tom to come with me. But... no, that's stupid, because he and Bella have a lunch date, so that would be ... weird.

D lives around here now with his hubby. Could ask him to go with me. No, that'd be kinda weird too. Could ask both of them, but... then I'd be embarrassed for them to see my plying my Casanova ways! (Or trying to at any rate)

Right... so, I guess I'm flying solo for this venture. I'll just go in and act all blase and cavalier. Yeah. Just act like I'm just a regular patron dude dropping in for a drink. *nods*

O.o I'm fucking nervous. Grah! I'm never nervous... except when it comes to gorgeous Italian girls with sexy eyes and a killer body.

Here goes nothing...

*saunters into bar and takes table in back corner, peers around*

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Intro... [15 Sep 2003|02:04pm]
[ mood | good ]

Okay, introductions....

My name is Oliver Hibbleton. I really hate my name. It's ruddy awful, I know. My friends call me Ollie. Urg... I hate that too, but... it's better than "O" which I've also been called. That makes me think of the Big O -- orgasm... *snerk* which actually might be more appropriate!

Ummm, right, anyway. I'm 21. Former Hufflepuff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I now work in the Muggle Liaisons office at the Ministry (oh gods, I never thought I'd be a minion -- horror!). I love my job because I love all things Muggle, probably because Mum is Muggle, so I was always exposed to that part of the larger world too.

Umm... gyah... I never know what exactly to fill out on these bloody things! What else do you want to know? I am an adrenaline junkie (skiing, surfing, biking) -- yeah, love bikes (as in motorcycles, not bicycles) especially Harleys, love cars (lust for any Italian sportscars!) surfing, computers, clubbing, architecture, dogs (I've a great bloke named Oscar -- he's a Weimaraner), films, rock and roll, and I love to eat *winks*, especially American cuisine, Asian cuisine (my grandmother is full-blooded Chinese and Merlin, can she cook!), and Italian cuisine (Pasta!).

*reads over* Oh gods... this sounds like a bloody dating form thing. Hi, I like moonlit walks on the beach and dancing. I'm looking for a girl who enjoys.... >.< Hate! Sorry... I don't know how else to do it though.

So in school I showed a particular aptitude in Muggle Studies (of course!), Transfiguration and herbology (I love gardening -- do NOT laugh. Guys can garden... and enjoy it! I've a flat at the edge of town and I maintain a small roof garden.)

I'm of mixed ancestry: Asian, Italian, English and American. Dad is part English, part Chinese; Mum is part Italian, part American. I spent a good many years divided between the States and the U.K. Love them both. Love American films, music, hot dogs, hamburgers, surfing, baseball, bikes. Love UK ales, architecture, villages, cliffs, gardens, Quidditch, football. Not a huge fan of UK food though (no offense, Dad!)

Umm... yeah, I think that about covers it!

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